Its Hard Coming Back

After an awesome spring break, its tough to come back to school and focus on the last and probably most important weeks in the semester. With professors last minute tests and papers, as well as finals coming up, it is easily the most stressful time of the year. Currently, Im in psychology class. Maybe not the best time to talk about Dayton, but I cant pay attention, and sharing my story is more exciting.

This week is slowly passing by. I have a math project that is due today. Hopefully everybody pulls through and does their work and actually brings it to class. I also have a presentation tomorrow at the Stander Symposium. This is an event held annually at UD. Many students present research projects they have been working on majority of the semester, like myself. Many of the engineer students show experiments or different ideas they have come up with, and faculty and other speakers come and speak on various topics. We dont have class tomorrow so its an easy way to get out of class. Many times, professors require that you go to a session, but if not, its the perfect break towards the end of the week.

Well I should probably get back to class unfortunately, but finish out your year strong.

Be safe and make good choices