Its not Atlanta it is HOTLANTA

Lets just say it was a little warm over the weekend. We are not talking high eighties, more like high nineties with near record breakiing temperatures. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, temperatures were no lower than 96 degress. I mean, it could have been worse I guess, but it was hot. On Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30 am to go run a four mile race. On the way up to Atlanta, I looked at the thermometer and found that is read 80 degrees. The ridiculous part is that it was only 6 am. Running that four miles was torcherous. It was so hot, muggy, humid, disgusting, choking, you can put just about any adjective you want to describe the air. I ended up running the four miles in 30 minutes 45 seconds. I guess it was not too bad. My goal was to be under 32 minutes so I reached my goal, but I felt that if I had trained for it I could have done better, but its all good.

Later on that day, we went to a nearby lake where my sister had her end of the year softball banquet. It was fun. The house was really nice, right on the lake with a great view over the water. While a lot of people went out on the boat, my brother and I decided to take the jet ski out and take it for a spin. It was a blast, especially for me since it was my first time riding a jet ski. After leaving the party, I was wiped out. I had been up since 5:30 in the morning and head been pretty much outside all day. To top my day off, we went and grabbed some ice cream that night. I had chocolate orea, it was pretty scrumptious.

Sunday was Fathers Day. I got to see my grandfather and learned how to drive his new 2009 Z06 corvette and ate a ton of food. We got my dad the movie Gran Torino on dvd and watched it later on. If you have not seen that movie, I would highly recommend it. Clint Eastwood knows how to act and I really enjoyed the movie overall. Hopefully everybodys weekend turned out great. I got one week until the triatholon. I really got to kick it in gear.

As always, be safe and make good choices