Its so hard to believe...

That I have already been back at UD for almost two weeks. So much has been going on. Move in day, cheerleading started, the first football game, everything is just going by so fast. All my classes are in full swing as well, homework included. This semester I transferred into the Business program and I love it so far. All of my classes are pretty interesting minus accouting. I hate it but we all cannot like all of our classes all the time.

The best part about being back is seeing all of my friends. For the first few weeks all of the conversations are usually the same. Questions like how was your summer and did you go anywhere for vacation and where are you living are the most common questions. I have to say, it is harder to see people this year. Since we are all not in dorms like we were freshmen year it is harder to see everybody since people are all spreak out across campus. I myself live in Marianist, but I have friends that live in Campus South, Irving Commons, The Gardens, and anywhere in between. Other than being spread out, hanging with friends has been great thus far.

Today has been a pretty chill day. So far, its just been doing some homework and resting up for tomorrow. In a little while, I am going to my girlfriends family barbecue. I am pretty excited because well its free food and when you are in college, free food is a big deal. Later tonight, we have practice and then I will finish up the rest of my homework and relax.

So far. UD is as amazing as it ever was. Although I do miss freshmen year a lot, we are having a blast this year. Hope everybodys three day weekend was great. I got to get back on this homework but I will be updating soon.