Its weird being home.......

Well I have been home a week already. As I said in my previous blog, it?s weird being home for summer already. It really has not hit me yet. Part of it could be that all my friends from back home are still in school so I am waiting for everybody to be done. Compared to being at school, it has been a slow week. I went from being busy all the time to not doing much at all. Majority of this week as been consisting of going to the gym, playing online poker, and driving and picking up my brother and sister from school. My plans for the summer is to start up a pressure washing business and hopefully make some decent cash. We are in the final stages of getting everything together so the sooner the better. This weekend I did however get to watch my mom graduate college for dental hygiene degree. As her name got announced my brother and I stood up and screamed. After sitting back down, I could hear some clapping and many laughs from all around. I am so proud of her for finishing school, and she deserves to be done after five years. Today as many people know was Mothers Day. We went down to my moms boyfriends parents house and spent the day there. It was nice to go into the country and just relax. We even shot some pistols. I shot a twenty two and a forty five. Because the forty five was so loud, I have a ringing in my ears right now that has not gone away. I am hoping it will be gone when I wake up tomorrow morning, but I guess we will see what happens. It was great eating a ton of food and simply relaxing and contemplating on life. I was able to think about how thankful I am to have a mom and how blessed I am to be where I am. I hope everybody has a great Mothers Day.

Until next time

Be safe and make good choices