Just what I needed...

"After a long week of class and work, it is nice to kick back with some friends and just relax. I was able to do this at a pool party I was invited to at a house on the lake.

A guy I know from church was house-sitting for some friends so he decided to have some people over. It was a great time. The house was immaculate...the people who lived there must have done pretty good with work and investments. But majority of the time was spent outside by the pool socializing with friends and meeting new people.

Not a cloud in the sky, surround by friends a family...yeah it was a great day. Not to mention.....foooooooooooooood is a beautiful thing. People love to eat but being Italian, I really love to eat. It seems like I can't get enough. I'm constantly eating it seems but I'm ok with that. Burgers and brats off the grill, southwestern potato salad, cake, etc was a fulfilling and tasty meal.

To end the night they opened up the hot tub. I hadn't been in a hot tub in a long time and it made me realize ""wow, I need to get one of these asap"". But it is about time to get to bed for me. I have to wake up tomorrow at 4:45 am to run the Peachtree Road Race a 4th of July tradition in Atlanta. Good night to all!"