Let's take a little trip to Cincinatti

After dominating the first game of the NIT, its time to take a short hour drive down south to the city of Cincinatti where we took on the University of Cincinatti. There are a few things why I like traveling for post season games. The first is that its a chance to miss class without skipping and not getting in trouble for that. The second is that it is really cool to be at another arena where you see teams play on ESPN and ESPN2. In the case of this arena, Cincy is in the Big East which is a power conference in college basketball.

Stepping onto the court was an experience in itself. Hearing the thousands of fans boo at you when you run the flags out....thats what really gets me pumped up. And so the game began.

Off to another hot start, we came out shooting lights out knocking down 3 pointers like it was our job. Not only was our offense good, but our defense was doing pretty good as well. It was one of the first times that I had seen our basketball team truly play as a team this year. And at the end of the game, the score showed the teams hard work by beating Cincy by fifteen points, after ESPN analyists didn't give us the light of day to win.

And so it is set in stone, we are to plan Illinois in the quarterfinals of the NIT. They are the only 1 seed left in the tournament and we are going to their house in hopes of bringing their season to a hault. Let's hope our Dayton Flyers can continue their good team play, and maybe get ourselves into Madison Square Garden.