New Years Resolutions

For the past couple days I have been thinking about my “new years’ resolutions”. Every year at the top of my list is getting into the best shape of my life. That is still on my list, but I will talk about that in a bit. I realized that resolutions for the New Year seem to constantly be selfish in regards to only bettering oneself….me. This year at the top of my list is being the best person I can. This may seem pretty general, but specifically I want to help as many people as I can this year. Whether it is something small financially or just being a good friend when someone needs an individual to talk to, this is my main goal. Over the years I felt like I have done a pretty decent job at this, but this year I want to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if that difference is noticed by anyone. I just need to know in my conscious that I gave my full effort to helping as many people as I can. Thinking about this goal in mind, I wonder, “how would the world be if everybody tried to do this?”. That’s an easy question to answer. The world would simple be a better place. Even if it’s just a few of us trying to become better individuals in society, it is a step in the right direction. I challenge all of you reading this to do the same. Even if it is something that seems small, every little thing can and will make a difference.

Back to what my usually resolution is: getting into the best shape of my life. Since playing basketball in my freshmen year of high school, I have continued to stay in shape throughout the remainder of high school and college. There was a point in time when I was 7% body fat. I have no idea what I am now, but one of my goals is to get back to that 7% body fat. Some of you all are probably thinking, “is this kid nuts?” . The answer is maybe a little bit. Because I enjoy helping people and being physically active, I picked my major of Exercise Science. So, in trying to get into the best shape of my life, I can help other people attain physical fitness goals as well. If someone can be physically active, they will live a happier more energetic life. Sometimes it does get extremely hard to stay motivated, but after getting into a routine, life becomes more enjoyable!

As for the rest of my resolutions, they are more of a bucket list for 2011. I want to go sky diving, find a full time job, get my personal training and strength and conditioning certifications, and eventually get my own apartment. ItÂ’s a lot on my plate, but I know with God, my family and friendsÂ’ support, and an optimistic attitude, I can achieve all of these. I hope everyone has big resolutions they plan to achieve. Feel free to tell me what they are! Be safe and make good choices!