Nice Weekend in Florida

On Saturday morning I piled into the car with my brother, sister, and dad and drove down to Lakeland, Florida to spend the weekend with my grandparents. To put it on the map, Lakeland is in between Tampa and Orlando, so its kind of nice because you are within a short hour driving distance to either city. We got down there in the middle of the afternoon and just hung out for a while. After enjoying dinner (all dinners cooked by Grandma are good!) my brother, sister, and I went to go play some tennis. Its good hanging out with them as long as we are not picking fights with each other. After a few hours in the Florida heat, we headed back to the house where I enjoyed a cold shower and watched tv until I went to bed.

On Sunday, we woke up nice and early to go to church. I cant say I have ever been to church at 730 in the morning. We got back and I ended up sleeping away the rest of the morning. Later on in the day, my aunt, uncle, and my older cousin with her daughter came over to enjoy yet another good meal by grandma. Afterwards, I told myself I had to do some exercise to help burn some of the food off I had eaten, so I went to a small lake and ran the three mile trail around it. I felt really good afterwards. My shirt completely soaked in sweat, I thought maybe I should run another lap, but I decided not too and headed home to enjoy a cold shower.

Monday, out last day down in the Sunshine State, we drove over to Orlando and went to the waterpark called Aquatica, which is right beside Sea World. The waterpark was great, but I will be honest, I could have done without the speedos that were everywhere. No offense, but unless your on a swim team and competing, speedos just shouldnt be worn other than in competition. Besides that, the waterpark was great. We headed back to the grandparents house, where we relaxed before we went to a really nice Italian restaurant called Marios. It was extremely good as I had a filet mignon covered with shrimp. Nothing can beat a good tasting steak and well I was completely satisfied. It was the perfect way to wrap up a good weekend, by spending time with family and enjoying a tasty dinner. I had to do one more thing before I left, so after dinner I went and ran two laps around the lake totaling up six miles. I felt great, like I had did the night before and almost wanted to try another lap, but it may have killed me. Anyways, I hope everybodys summer is going well.

Be safe and make good choices!