Not such a lame weekend after all

Well besides the fact the weather people were wrong about the snow we were supposed to get, as well as the disappointing loss our basketball team had against University of Massachusetts, my weekend ended up pretty good. Friday, I went to my girlfriends house for the weekend, just to hangout with her family and relax. It was great sleeping in a nice big bed, home cooked meals, and watching football.

Saturday morning I woke up to find no snow on the ground. So, I did indeed having to work, which ended up ok as I helped kids learn tumbling and gymnastics, as well as making a little cash. Afterwords, Kelly and I went to dinner with her parents to Ruby Tuesdays where I enjoyed a great steak with some crab cakes. It was delicious, and definitely a nice alternative to college food. Later on that night, we went bowling which is always a good time.

Sunday turned out to be quite a nice day as well. We woke up, went to church, and enjoyed listening to a guest speaker who was very good. Afterwards, we went to a pet store where I bought to more lizards for my tank, and Kelly decided to buy a fish. Stocked up on our pets, we headed back to her house where we relaxed until we had to come back for cheerleading practice. Though pretty laid back, we had a good time trying out new stunts. A three mile run and abs followed our short practice, which has now led me to relaxing in my room and sharing my weekend. Hope everybody had a great weekend. Be safe and make good choices.