Nothing Like Being Italian

For all of those people who are Italian or have Italian family, one thing everybody can agree with is that Italians know how to cook. Its simple as that. Well today, I got to enjoy some of that Italian cooking when I went over to my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Beths house where I spent the day. They have three kids, James, John, and Katy Beth. It had been about seven or eight years since I had seen all of them and I cannot believe how big they have gotten especially Katy Beth. She is 14 years old and probably about an inch shorter than me. I mean, Im not the tallest person in the world, but I couldnt believe she was almost taller than me. But anyways, for lunch I got to enjoy some spaghetti and meatballs, along with some fresh Italian bread. You honestly cant get much better than that. It was absolutely delicious. And for dessert, Katy Beth made brownies with a whole bag of chocolate chips, and let me just say those were sinful. I mean eating one was definitely a sin, but considering by the end of the day I ended up eating four I am going to need some serious forgiveness lol.

But for a good portion of the late afternoon into the evening, Poppy, Uncly Tommy, and myself used our skills and played bowling and golf on the Nintendo Wii. Those games are so addicting and we worked up a good appetite playing them. For dinner, we ended up ordering pizza from a new pizzeria down the street. Another thing about New York is that you cannot beat their pizza. It is absolutely amazing and just blows you away with all of the flavor. You cant compare it to Dominoes or Pizza Hut. After stuffing our faces once again, we went back to the Wii where we played until about 1030 pm and eventually called it a night. It was a great day just hangin with some family and not really doing too much. Tomorrow should be fun as we go meet one of Poppys friends from long ago. Hopefully I can wake up early and get a good run in, but I guess Ill see if Im up to it.

Be safe and make good choices!