Ok I guess it is fine, its time for the year 2009

Although we are already five days into the new year, today was the first day of the spring semester. After a short two weeks off, it was pretty hard to get back into the swing of things. It probably would not have been so bad if I did not have five classes to begin my day. My schedule for this semester is crammed as I have a fun-filled 17 credit hours to tackle. But, I am not going to be a pessimist, or at least, try not to be.

Though being back is hard, I have the fun little memories from Christmas break. Being home was great as I got to hangout with my family friends, enjoy some great food, and spend the holidays with those who I care about. Just to kick back, relax, and do nothing was fantastic. I got to watch plenty of football which I watched my Notre Dame Irish break a nine bowl game losing streak.

But my time home was cut in half over break as I flew back up to Dayton for the basketball game as we played George Mason. Although I missed being home, I am glad that I got to see the game as we ended up on top, 66-62. It was an exciting game as we were trailing majority of the game, but in the last five minutes, the Flyers pulled it together for another victory in the books putting us at an impressive 13 and 1. Tomorrow night, we play Miami of Ohio so it should be another exciting game. But as all good things have to come to an end, I have to go indulge myself into some chemistry. Hope everybodys break was enjoyable as well as stepping into the New Year.

Remember, Be safe and make good choices.