One Down, One to Go

After turning in my last project and taking my last final for the semester, I feel a sense of relief and relaxation. But consequently as the same time I feel some sadness as I know my time at this great university is winding down. I knew coming into my final year the time would pass by fast but never did I think it would go by this fast. The semester was full of great memories with my friends, roommates, and teammates. It truly has been one of the best semesters I have had at UD. For now I'm not going to worry about only have one semester left. It's the season of Christmas which is my favorite time of year.

Since coming to college, Christmas has become my favorite time of year on a new level. This is because of my oppurtunity to go home and enjoy time with my family and friends back in Atlanta. I did get the chance to go home for a few days over Thanksgiving but had to come back early for cheerleading. Since we have a month off for Christmas break this year, I get to be home for a much longer period of time. I do have to stay for two games for basketball before I can go home next Wednesday. Then I will be coming back the following Tuesday for a couple games before going back to Atlanta on Jan 2nd. The two weeks I will be home in January will be nice since I will be working at the cheer gym and helping the teams I coached over the summer. It's nice because its a job that I always have to fall back on and can work when I'm home for a few days or few weeks.

As for buyings presents for everybody, I haven't started. The lack of time and being a broke college student doesn't help my situation. But the extra days IÂ’m here on campus is giving me the chance to work catering on campus as well as a few extra hours and private lessons at Tops Gymnastics and Cheer. This will give me some cash I can use to buy gifts for my family. I have no idea what I want to get my family but I think I will ask mom to see if she has any ideas.

ItÂ’s hard to believe that the year 2010 is only days away from being over. Lately I have been looking back on all the memories, good and bad, from this whole year. There were the low times with relationship problems/breakups and there were the high times with friends, family, cheerleading, vacation,etc. Everybody makes new goals for the new year. I think the one goal I am going to focus on is being the best individual I can be and helping as many people as I can in whatever way possible.

Well its time to set up for my roommate BrianÂ’s graduation party. It should be a good time with his close friends and a great way to end the semester. Everyone be safe over the holidays!

Be safe and make good choices!