Packing Up and Getting Back to the Best Place on Earth

"The last few days have been leading up to this. This has been on my mind all summer. Though summer has been great and I cannot complain about any part of it, this still lingered in my head and never left my thoughts. What is this? This is getting back to UD.

Whether you have been here for a year or two, or just starting out, or thinking about coming to the University of Dayton, once you spend a little time on campus and with the people around you, its true love.

I got all my stuff packed up in the car, ready to travel hundreds of miles from my home in Atlanta back up to Dayton tomorrow. My friend Jessica will be with me as well, however I got to get her back to Columbus tomorrow. So I have a little detour up to Columbus which is all good, but then I'm getting to UD asap.

Well its time to hit the bed. It's close to midnight and I gotta wake up at 4:30 am to get the show on the road.

Quote of the day- ""Do what you can with what you have where you are."" - FDR"