Pain is part of cheerleading......

"Did you know that more injuries occur from cheerleading than any other sport? Many people may question this statistic...but it's fact. In fact, I can testify since I have gotten hurt more from cheerleading than all my other sports inuries combined. A couple weeks ago I ended up getting an elbow to the cheek, splitting my skin. After laying on the mat for a few seconds, I realized I had a pretty good blood flow coming from my cheek. The cut ended up not being too bad, but for the next week or so, it looked as though I had gotten into a fight and got punched in the face.

Thinking maybe this could be the worse of the inuries I may occur, I wasn't worried about practice, but for me...I got another injury related to cheerleading. At practice, we were practicing a new pyramid. I'll try to explain what the pyramid looked like. I have a girl doing a shoulder stand on my shoulders. I hold her right foot up in the air. The two guys next to me toe pitch another girl on top of the leg of the girl that is on top of me...well at least that was the plan. Before attempting this pyramid, I felt a little uneasy, but then again thats how I feel about trying anything new. My feelings were right however. The girl getting tossed up on top didn't quite make it and when she came down, her elbow ended up hitting me on the top of the head. For me it was a total shock, everything happened so fast. I was standing and then all the sudden i'm laying on the ground, my head throbbing. Laying on the mat, I thought ""well it should just be a nice bump on my head"". But then I could feel blood starting to drip on my forehead. ""Well that's no good!"" I went to the bathroom to try and wash what I could, but the pain and bleeding was too much, so I iced my head until the bleeding could stop. Not really having the necessities to clean the wound, I ended up going to my friend Kelly's parents house. Her mom works at the hospital so she knew what she was doing. I'm very thankful that the injury wasn't worse. As much as I would like not to get another injury, its not going to keep me from doing something I enjoy.

I think its a risk I'm willing to take and there is no point in stopping now.

Be safe and make good choices!"