Parents Weekend

" Today wraps up Parents Weekend! For those who do not know what is is, parents weekend is where the parents of the students at UD come and spend the weekend with their kids. For many, it is a chance to show their parents where they live, introduce their new friends, and to show them around campus. But most importantly, its a chance to spend time with them. For me, living in Georgia, I do not have the oppurtunity of visit my family as much as others, so this weekend was great. Although my dad, brother, and sister were unable to come, my mom and her boyfriend Terry came up on Friday.

It was nice, as we went and ate dinner at Panera Bread on Brown Street. Not only was it a chance to get off campus to eat, but it was time to catch up on things happening back home. I got to hear stories about my brother and sister along with anything exciting or funny that had happened within the last month.

After dinner, we went back up to Stuart where I live where I intoduced them to some of my friends on my floor along with their families. It was not just people I introduced them to the first time, but it was those two special words that we call ""Guitar Hero!"" Neither my mom or her bf had played before, and I am proud to say, we got them ""HOOKED""! But not only my family, my friend Adams family played also. It was a good time and very fun to see two families come together and play video games with their kids.

On Saturday, Adam and I had to cheer at the Red-Blue basketball game which is an inner-team scrimmage game for the fans to see the new players along with the veterans. It also gave my mom a chance to see me cheer which she was very excited about.

After the game, my mom went back to the hotel for a little while to rest, while Adam and I went to the football game. The game went very well as we defeated San Diego and gave them their first loss of the year. Once back on campus, my mom and Terry picked me up and we went out to eat at Bonefish Grill. Not only was the food great, but just sitting there eating with my mom felt like I was back home. It made me realize how much I missed my family. College life is so busy, that many times, you do not have the oppurtunity to think about your family as much as you would like.

Later on, we met up with Adams family back at the dorm where they played Guitar Hero for two hours. It was no longer a like of the game, but an obsession. There is nothing quite like watching my mom and Terry play against eachother, yelling and screaming like little kids. It was a great feeling.

After they had their share of video games, we walked around the Ghetto and showed them what it was like. We all then decided to go to the local pub called Flannigans Irish Pub. There, my mom, Terry, Adam and his family, Matt, Pat, and I relaxed watching some sports and just talking with everybody. I watched my mom and Terry dance to a few songs which was a good time, and I even busted out a few moves myself.

Shortly after leaving the pub, I showed my mom and Terry a few of my favorite spots on campus such as the UD chapel and the graveyard by Marycrest. After saying goodnight, I went to bed so I could wake up for breakfast the next morning.

For those who have never been to Bob Evans, I highly suggest it, especially for breakfast. That is where we ate breafast this morning and it was very good. While eating, I realized that the weekend was almost over, and that they had to leave soon. Although I was kind of sad, I knew I would see them in a few weeks for Thanksgiving Break. After breakfast, they drove me back to campus where the dropped me off and I had to say bye.

I went back to my room and thought to myself how glad i was to see them this weekend. It was nice to hangout with my family who seemed so far away. Although I was sad to see them go, knowing I will see them soon keeps my spirits up. But now, I must come back to reality and do my homework I have pushed off.

God Bless