Parents Weekend is Almost Here

Probably one of my favorite weekends out of the whole school year is coming up soon. This weekend, as you can see, is parents weekend. By the name, I am sure you know the basics already. Pretty much the parents of students come visit and hangout for a weekend on campus. There are various activities for both parents and their kids to participate in.

Though called Parents Weekend, its not limited to parents. Siblings and friends are all welcome. I am pumped because my mom, her boyfriend Terry, and my grandfather, Poppy, are coming up. It has been over two months since I have seen any of my family. Its hard going that long without family, so this weekend will be like a small reunion.

The weekend will revolve around my cheerleading schedule. On Saturday, the womens and mens basketball teams will have an inner-team scrimmage also called the Red-Blue Game. Then afterwards, we will probably head over to the football game. Other than that, I am not exactly sure what we are doing. It will probably consist of various oppurtunities arising and deciding what we want to do. Otherwise, my excitement lies in hanging out with my family. Just one more day I keep telling myself.

Well I gotta get going. I have a lot of cleaning to do, as well as some homework to finish before tomorrow. Hope all is well with everybody. Remember, come to UD. You wont be disappointed!

Be Safe and Make Good Choices