Pasta Wednesdays

"So, being Italian and coming from a fairly large Italian family, I enjoy a good pasta dinner. When I cook, I enjoy cooking pasta so tonight we had had a few people over and I made spaghetti with my special sauce.

Before cooking, I went to the gym to get a good workout so by the time I got back I had quite the appetite built up. While cooking, I was able to get my laundry done as well. Side note, nobody likes laundry especially me. Last year, I had the tendency to push laundry as far back as I could, but this year one of my goals is to do it at least once a week so I don't have 3 or 4 loads to do at one time.

So back to cooking. I starting making my own sauce last year when I lived in another house and it ended up being pretty good. Unlike most pasta sauces, I add spicy italian sausage to mine. I enjoy a little kick with my food, so I added some other things....I could tell you what I add....but then it wouldn't be so special anymore. Anyways, the spaghetti turned out pretty well. Everybody who came over seemed to enjoy it a lot.

After it going so well, I am claiming Wednesdays as my days to cook and they are most likely going to be pasta. Next Wedneday I'm going to cook a different style of pasta. We will see how it goes.

Just a few more days until Labor Day weekend. I can't wait considering we have a 3 day weekend which makes it that much sweeter.

We are half-way through the week. If your feeling tired, just keep your head up high and keep pushing through. The weekend is near.

Quote of the Day- ""Nothing happens unless first a dream""

-Carl Sandburg"