Probably the most stressful week of my life!

"The anticipation of going home for Christmas break is in the air, but not without the dredded thought of that one evil work, ""finals""! Everybody has them, whether they like it or not. I know this week by far, will be the most stressful week thus far in my 18 years of life. All of my hard work and studying comes down to the last week, but not to fear, after it is over, three weeks of doing absolutely nothing related with class will follow, bringing relief to myself and many others in my same position.

Having the whole floor quiet is a somewhat new experience for me. It is weird, but kind of nice. Everybody is busy studying at the library. Since everybody left, I have the oppurtunity to study in my dorm room, which has not happened very often. Finals week is taken very serious around UD as the library is open 24 hours, along with the rec plex. In fact, tonight, me and some friends are going to swim at midnight. Is there a point? Maybe not, but just the idea of going is fun, plus it will give me a break from all the studying I have been doing today.

Overall, I feel confident in being able to do well on the exams. I have studied a fair amount so far, with plenty more time to study. Although chemistry still worries me, all I can do is study and have a positive attitude.

On a side note, it is amazing how fast the first semester has gone by. It was just yesterday that I moved into a new state, where I did not know anybody, and now I am surrounded by a second family. Although I am ready for Christmas break, I am sad to see my first semester of college to be gone, but it definitely will not be forgotten. Numerous memories were made like football games, late night pizza runs, social hangouts, etc, made this the best time of my life. Although it is about to come to an end, I know second semester is going to be that much better, and I am eager to see what memories will be made.