Random Thoughts

IÂ’m not sure if anyone has been watching the news lately, but nothing good is ever on. There are hardly ever stories of optimism, of good deeds done by good people, or anything positive that comes from hard working Americans. Rather, we are stuck to the garbage that all of the news stations televise such as murders, shootings, drugs, alcohol, etc. Why is this? We are living in a world that is only interested in the negative, the stories of families hurting, hearing of other peopleÂ’s misfortune due to the decaying nature of the individual. By no means am I suggesting that everybody is an awful person. There are millions maybe billions of great individuals who make a difference. My point is saying that even those who are good can make a greater effort to help change this world of violence, sickness, and poverty into a world with one goal: to help each other out.

To be honest, IÂ’m not sure what got me to post about this topic. It may seem random compared to my usual topics and well, you may not be interested in this at all. ThatÂ’s ok, I just felt the need to express what IÂ’m thinking and feeling. Seeing the news headlines of the shooting in Arizona sickened me. I canÂ’t understand how someone could do something that harms humanity that much. What sickens me even more is the fact that the media wants to blame a political party for the attempted assassination of a representative of the government. It was the individual who did the crime, not the political party. The blame does not need to be put on a group who represents the U.S., rather, on the individual who did this terrible crime.

If people just treated each other with respect in every aspect of life whether it is race, gender, religion, etc. then this world would be a safer, more respectable place to live. Though there are still many good things that are left, it still remains discouraging to see what has happened and what is happening and what will happen. For me, all I can do is pray and treat others how I want to be treated. I hope everyone at some point in their life will see that respect for each is all that is needed and will change their ways. IÂ’m done with my rant on and I apologize if it put you to sleep. ItÂ’s time to hit the gym now, so IÂ’m out. But for the time being, be safe and make good choices.