Ready for the Weekend

Not that I have been working 40 hours a week or attending any type of classes, but IÂ’m pretty excited for the weekend. There is a lot going on, specifically for the World Xtreme Vipers. For anyone who doesnÂ’t know, World Xtreme is where I worked over the summer coaching a level 2 youth cheerleading team, and this weekend we have a competition on Sunday. However, tomorrow we are having a practice before the competition to clean up the routine and to give the team a chance to run through the routine with all of the team members. I believe practice is from 9am-1pm, so it will be an early start with a nice long practice. Many would disagree with having such a long practice, but because the past few practices have not had everyone there, we need as much practice as we can before the big competition.

Other than work, the weekend brings time to spend with the family which is good. My mom works as a dental hygienist and my dad works long hours during the week as well, so though I have been home on break for a couple weeks, I donÂ’t see a whole lot of either of them. I have however gotten to spend plenty of time with my younger brother Ben and my younger sister Rebecca. Ben and I have been hitting the gym pretty hard this week with Rebecca occasionally tagging along.

Other than spending time with family and some friends, I do not have many other plans for the weekend other than work and the competition. Everybody down here in Atlanta has been watching the weather closely and have been bracing for a big winter storm to come in on Sunday night. Not only is it supposed to bring snow, but ice on top of the snow as well. This may not be a big deal to me or anyone else from up north, but because Atlanta is not prepared for winter weather with plows, salt, etc, anytime winter weather hits, it is a pretty big deal. I guess we will wait to see what happens! I hope everyone has a good weekend. Be safe and make good choices!