School is out for the Summer

Its been just over a week since I have been out for summer vacation. As most would say, I miss being at UD. Being home has been great, seeing family and friends, but it is not the same without everybody you have lived with and become friends with through school. Although I will be returning in the fall, it was hard to say bye to my friends. We had all grown so close over the year, and we all realized just how precious time is, and how freshman year flew by. It is different being out so early. At home, most of my friends who are still in high school are still in school until the end of May, which leaves me to figure out what to do during the day.

But it did not take long for me to find things to do. In fact, I started working back at Golds Gym where I had been working for over two years. It is a good situation, I get a free membership, and I get paid pretty well so it worked out good. This past week I worked for a guy who owns a drop-in bed liner business. It was something new but I enjoyed it, and again, the pay was good. Numerous people ask me, Are you seriously working two jobs?? My response, Do you realize gas is killing me lol?!!! That is another thing I will miss being in school at UD is not having to worry about paying for gas. I am driving my dads truck which costs about $80 to fill up, and that lasts about five or six days. So I really have no choice but to work as much as I can.

On a positive note, I am going up to Dayton the end of May to visit my girlfriend Kelly, as well as some other friends in the area. Although it will only be for a weekend, I am very excited to see some of my friends. It is a weird feeling to wake up each morning and realize that you cannot just walk to the room next door, or down to another dorm and visit your friends. I am not going to lie, it is kind of sad. As for the rest of the summer, I have a few vacations planned, both going to Florida to soak up some Vitamin D. Other than that, this summer will consist of work, work, sleep, an occasional meal, working out, and I could not forget, more work.

As for everybody who has chosen to come to Dayton in the fall, get pumped up, because it is going to be a blast. But remember, enjoy your summer with your family and friends, live it up, because once college starts, it is a different world. Hope everybody is doing well, keep up the hard work, be safe over summer.

God Bless