Seeing what we need to work on....

On Sunday, the youth cheerleading team that I coach had an exhibition for the first time this year. Though much like a competition, the exhibition allows spotters on the floor, and there are no awards for routines, rather it is more geared towards grabbing feedback from judges and seeing what we need to improve on as a team.

Because one of the backspots was sick and couldn't make it to the competition, I stepped in as the backspot for the stunts. It's probably got to be pretty funny for parents to see these younger girls cheering, dancing, and then all of the sudden seeing their coach helping them stunt. Though the routine didn't run as smoothly as hoped, I felt the team learned a lot on what we need to improve on and why we as coaches push so hard on working on the little things in the routine to make it look cleaner.

Our first real competition is this coming Sunday. It's a regional qualifier so it's kind of a big deal. We have one more practice before it on Friday, so hopefully we can kick it into high gear and be able to accomplish what we need accomplished.

Other than cheerleading, this week is going to get busy. I have a Nutrition test on Tuesday, an Accounting test on Wednesday, as well as two projects due next week. Everything is starting to pile on, but thats normal for this time of year during the semester as we are getting ready for Thanksgiving break. I believe its only like three weeks away. I cannot wait, but first I gotta make it through these next couple of weeks.!!!