Sleep is great!

"It had been a long time since I was able to really sleep in. Well I got that chance today. I didn't have to worry about any summer classes or anything. The long drive from Atlanta yesterday pretty much wore me out. While Jessica was still snoozing in her bed, I decided to venture out in Columbus and find this place called Buckeye Donuts. Ever heard of it? I had never heard of the place until Jess mentioned it to me one day and told me the donuts were delicious. So I decided to see if I could find this local hangout and test the donuts that are apparently great.

Finally found the donut shop, got a variety dozen, and brought them back to the apartment. I ate 3 donuts that are similar to Boston Creme and lets just say they put Dunkin' Donuts a run for their money. So I definitely recommend Buckeye Donuts..

The rest of the day I was pretty much lazy. I literally layed in bed until like 3:30 in the afternoon. It was different because I usually got to be doing something at all times, but it was very relaxing. Around 4, our friend Tina made her way to Columbus and we went and ate at Noodles before meeting up with Jess' sister at Ribfest. Ribfest is a pretty big festival that happens in downtown Columbus. Vendors from all over cook their best batches of ribs for the public to buy and enjoy. Though I didn't buy any, they smelled delicious.

After Ribfest, we met up with Jess' sister and some of her friends and went out for a little while. I met some pretty cool people which is always nice and played a couple games of pool as well. The only ""dissapointment"" of today was my streak of working out ended. I'm ok with it though. I think my body is thanking me. Especially since for the next week starting tomorrow I have quite an intense schedule.

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe and make good choices!"