So Wait, Illinois is the 1 seed....who cares?

After leaving the bearcats to watch the remainder of the NIT from their comforts of their own home, we went to take on the University of Illinois. Many people said that Illinois should have been in the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately for them...they had to play the Dayton Flyers in the NIT.

With outstanding shooting, high-pressure defense, and a passion for the game, we left the Illinois basketball team and all of their fans in their arena sad, surprised, mad, and any other emotion that can happen after an upset. You know what that means? Not only does the basketball team go to Madison Square Gardens in NYC but the cheerleaders get to go as well.

We are extremely excited to go to NYC. The five hour bus ride back consisted of the big plans to hit up the big apple. What makes this deal even sweeter is that we will get to start our Easter break two days earlier because we will be leaving Monday night and break starts after our last class on Wednesday. Big hopes and expectations are to come with our Flyers basketball team. Let's just hope we can play and win the NIT championship.