Sometimes after a great weekend...You just need to eat bad

What a weekend it has of the best weekends of the year by far. Sundays are usually considered my "recovery" days. Running on little sleep I was able to sleep in this morning. After little deliberation, my roommates Matt, Brian, and myself hit up the local Waffle House to enjoy some greasy food and talk about the weekend events.

This was the first time going to Waffle House this semester. I recall numerous times last year going to the Waffle House with friends after a great weekend of hanging out and conversating about the weekend and how we don't want the next week to start. This time, I don't mind the week starting because Parent's Weekend is coming up. Parent's weekend is when everybody's parents come up to campus for the weekend and enjoy numerous activities on campus. There are the sporting events, cornhole tournaments, parties, a 5k run, and just plenty of time to spend hanging with the family.

I haven't seen my family since coming back for the semester. Considering I live all the way down in Atlanta, its not very easy to go back home whenever I please, so I'm pretty pumped to see my family. My mom, her boyfriend Terry, and my grandfather, Poppy, come up every year and this year is no different. Poppy loves coming up for the weekend. It is his chance to act like a teenager again and all of my friends think he is hilarious. They always ask me "When is Poppy coming up again? He should just live up here!" Needless to say, Poppy is a pretty popular guy on campus and he isn't a student here.

Anyways, the rest of the day has been pretty unproductive. I watched football all day, as every man should do on Sundays. I ended up going to Chili's with Matt, and my friends Dani and Pete to Chili's where I ate horrible once again. Sharing an order of Texas Cheese Fries on top of a greasy but tasty burger and fries really made my stomach turn, but in the end was worth it.

Though eating unhealthy tastes good sometimes, I'm ready to go back eating healthy during the week. I have a lot going on, but I keep looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.....parent's weekend.

Keep pushing through, the rewards in life will be worth it.