St. Patricks Day

Typically, once every four years, students are on campus during St. Patricks Day. This is due to the parties that have gone on in past years, and the University wants to limit the amount of that social behavior, which is understandable. When I woke up at 730, I look out my window from Marianist to find people partying already. I thought it was pretty amusing, as I can hear the chants and music blaring from the speakers. Much to my interest, my one class for the day got canceled, so I got to relax and enjoy the day without the hassle of worrying about class.

It was the perfect day outside, probably close to 70 degress, with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. Although I did not partake in the extra curricurlar activities of the day, it was still fun to people watch and see everybody dressed in green. To my knowledge, nothing got really out of control unlike past years. I also found out that we actually will be on campus next year for St. Patricks day as well, which never really happens.

Overall, it was a great day, with it being warm, sunny, and having everybody in great spirits.