Stander Symposium

" Every year at UD, all students have the option to attend the Stander Symposium. A general idea is like a big science fair, only on a much larger scale, and it does not deal with just science, but all subjects. It is pretty much a free day of learning. What it also means is a day off for the middle of the week. It was almost like a mini weekend, having Wednesday off.

Getting to sleep in was great. At one oclock I went with a few of my friends to go to the Integration Bee. My roommate Phil was in it with his team name being the Denominators. Unfortunately, they got knocked out the first round,after solving the mathematical problem wrong. The announcer for the event made a ""funny"" comment as he said, ""looks like the denominators should have been numerators."" After so graciously giving him a chuckle for his pleasure, we left.

The day was still young, the sky clear, a beautiful day. We decided to go hit the mall for an hour or so and get a few things. After getting some clothes, and getting enough protein to last a lifetime, we headed back to campus. Arriving on campus, our recreational field, called Stuart Field, was full of upspirited students throwing the baseball around, kicking the soccer ball, or throwing the frisbee around. I looked around, and smiled, thinking, ""This is what college life is all about"". Some friends and I tossed the ball around for a little while before meeting up with a couple friends from cheerleading to go swimming.

At the end of the day I thought of how perfect it was. Not only did I get to sleep in, but it was a beautiful warm day, I got a little tan, spend time with friends, and only two days left until the weekend. It was the perfect break, and I look forward to it next year."