Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break has come and passed. I fortunately had the chance to go back home for a few days and enjoy the holiday with my family and friends. I flew back home to Atlanta on Wednesday where my dad, brother,and sister picked me up from the hectic Atlanta airport. That day we celebrated Thanksgiving at my dads house where I stuffed myself with the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and topped it off with some pecan pie with vanilla ice cream.

On Thanksgiving Day, we went down to my moms boyfriends parents house. My grandfather came and met us over there for a Thanksgiving feast. We all ate together, minus my grandfather who was not feeling good. Unfortunately, we ended up taking him to the emergency room because he has an infection in his colon or intestines. He is still currently in the hospital, but hopefully he will get out soon.

The remainder of break was very relaxing. I did manage to do a little homework, although I should have done way more than I did. On Friday, I met some of my friends at Hooters for some wings then headed over to the bowling alley just like old times. It was great catching up, and seeing how everybody was doing. Saturday was the same type of deal. I just hung out with the family, went to the gym, and played some video games with my brother and sister. It was cool just hanging with my siblings without fighting, for the most part.

Today came too fast. Before I knew it, I am sitting here, now, at the airport. But its all good, I will be back in three weeks. Now I just have to focus on the last week and a half of class. This first part of the week is going to be extremely busy, but as long as I put the time in as needed, I will make it through.

Hope everybodys Thanksgiving was great!

Be Safe and Make Good Choices