The 80's were brought back

"It was one of the more busier Saturdays I had had. We all woke up some what early so we could get all that we needed to get done. I went to eat breakfast at Bob Evan's with my friend Kelly and her parents. Well, to say the least, it was extremely good, especially since I didn't have to cook it! After breakfast we headed over to her parent's house so we could do our laundry. After chilling out over there for a while, we went out with our friends Anthony and Jake and headed over to the the music and video store to look for the movie Fired Up, which unfortunately was not there. After leaving the music/video store, we went to the mall to look around for a little while, then went over to the thrift store to find what we would wear for our 80's theme.

We had too much fun walking around seeing what we could find. My outfit ended up being some black wrangler jeans, a orange t-shirt with shoulder pads, a multi-colored tie, an older looking sports jacket, and a sweet pair of sunglasses to top it off. Having all of our costumes planned, we headed back to campus where we all got ready, cleaned the house up, and got together a awesome 80's playlist.

The party itself was great. We had a pretty good turnout with all of our friends, as everybody was dressed from the 80's and we all were singing and dancing to the big hits of the 80's. I would have to say the songs like ""Girls just wanna have fun, Beat It, Sweet Caroline, and Any Way You Want It"" were the big hits. Everybody seemed to have a great time, so I'm glad it could be considered a success. Hopefully in the coming weeks, another themed party will be planned.

As always be safe and make good choices!"