The disappointment with MidTerm Break

"Two weekends ago, the University of Dayton gave us a midterm break, well if you want to call it a break. They gave us a Friday off, giving us a three day weekend.. Dont get me wrong a three day weekend is nice, but it honestly should have been a four day break like the midterm break that was in the fall semester. For people like me who live out of state, its hard to see the family during the spring semester. During the fall, I had the oppurtunity to go over Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, but this year, I will have to wait until the second week of April for spring break to go home.

I just find it ridiculous that the school cannot give us the normal four day break like they do in the fall, especially since spring break is towards the end of the semester, with three weeks remaining before summer. It does not make much sense to me. I know I have heard other people complain about this as well. I also learned that for final exams this year, they will start the day after the last day of classes. Since I have been at UD, we have had at least one or two study days for students to prepare for their final exams. But for some reason, UD thought it would be a great idea to start exams the day after. What this does for students is absolutely nothing. Some faculty may say its to prevent excessive drinking, but in reality, it gives students less time to study and prepare for finals.

Chemistry is my hardest class this semester. I am constantly studying, go to tutoring, and asking questions just to make sure I can survive. It turns out the final for this class is the day after classes end, and to much of my enjoyment, it is cumalative, covering both semesters of chemistry. Again, this leaves me for very little time to prepare for such a huge exam. I guess no school is ""perfect"", but I wish the faculty will look at the calendar, and realize that starting exams immediately after does not help the student, not to mention the skimming of days off for breaks.

I hope my ranting has not bored you, I just find how some things are done to be unfair and end up hurting the UD student. Thanks for listening.

As always Be Safe and Make Good Choices"