The End to Something New

Although there are three more seasons left at my career at Dayton, my first season as a cheerleader has come to an end. While it required much time,effort, and some injuries here and there, the overall experience was great and I'm sad to see it go. If you havent been keeping up with our Dayton Flyers, we flew into the NIT hoping for a chance to go to Madison Square Gardens to play in the semifinals. After beating Cleveland St. at home and a huge upset win at Illinois State, our season came to an end this past Wednesday as Ohio State beat us.

I would have to say that its not even the fact that the season is done for me, but the real sadness is for the seniors who have been cheering for all four years and seeing their career as a Dayton Cheerleader end. For all of them, it was a realization of reality that their time at UD is almost done.

Although I will only be a sophomore next semester, it was still an experience that opened my mind up to just how fast college goes by. As i have said before, it seemed like yesterday that I moved in and got aquainted with my new surroundings. For those of you who read my blogs, in the next few weeks I will be posting a video blog on cheerleading so keep your eye out on that. Until then, God Bless and ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE A DAYTON FLYER!