The New Year

The anticipation of the New Year has been engraved in my mind and now it is finally here. Although I did not have the oppurtunity to see the New Year with my family, I saw it with a new part of my family.

I have been staying at my friends Adam house, because we had to go back for the two basketball games over break for cheerleading. Oh and in case you are interested in sports, Dayton beat #6 Pittsburgh by 25 points. Being at the game was truly an experience of a lifetime.

We went into 2008 with hugging eachother as I stood in amazement as the ball dropped in New York City. It was almost a humbling experience. Life has been going by so fast. Another year has passed, and its crazy to think I graduated in 2007 and completed my first semester of college.

While Adams parents went to bed a little later, Adam, his sister Alana, two of her friends, and myself decided to hangout. We ended up talking for over 5 hours and did not go to bed until six thirty. Though we were all wiped out the next day we had a great time.

Class begins the 7th and I have mixed feelings about it. I wil be happy to see everybody, but yet, this break was so special to me, the memories made, and ones that are still to come, I do not want it to end. But all good things must come to an end, but they will be back. I hope everybody has a safe and Happy New Year. Lets make this the year!