The New York Road Trip Starts Tomorrow!

"So tomorrow I am leaving with my grandfather, aka ""Poppy"", to go on a roadtrip up to New York. We will be cruising in his new 2009 Zo6 Corvette. I have driven it once, and let me just say that was one sweet ride. Anyways, we will be heading up early in the morning. The trip should be a lot of fun as I will get to visit a lot of my family that I have not seen in a while, as well as some family I have never met. I believe our first stop is around Albany, New York where a lot of my family resides. It has been a while since I have been up so it should be a good time. At some point we will be hitting up the baseball Hall of Fame which I am really looking forward to.

Eventually we will make our way over to Buffalo where Poppys brother, Bruno, owns a bar. We are actually going to play in his annual golf tournament which should be fun. Well Im not going to lie, Im not the biggest fan of golf, considering I pretty much am no good at it. But it will be fun hanging with family and meeting new people. We will end up being gone for about ten days, so I have to make sure I keep doing what training I can while Im gone. I definitely planning on running a fair amount, and as for working out, there will be a lot of push ups and sit ups to be done. I will have my computer with me, so as long as I have internet access I will keep you guys updated.

The weekend has started!!!! Live it up, no regrets.

Be safe and make good choices!"