The Red/Blue Scrimmage Game

"Every year before basketball season starts, an inner-squad scrimmage game for the Men's and Women's basketball team is played at the arena. This game allows Dayton fans to come cheer on the basketball teams and see what we look like as a team. It also allows us cheerleaders to get a feel for what is going on. This is important because it allows the rookies to see what we will be doing, the flow of the game, how timeouts workout, stuff like that.

From the looks of both teams, I feel like we should have a pretty successful basketball season. Last year the guys team made it to the second round of the NCAA tourney, so maybe we could have a deeper run into the tournament this year. I think everybody seemed to have a pretty good time. After being at the arena for the first time in a while,it got me pretty excited for basketball season. Picture this for one moment. ""Over 13,000 screaming fans, the Red Scare student section going crazy, the crowd roaring after Chris Wright slams one in the goal....."" Its truly an awesome experience.

The anticipation for this years basketball season is ridiculous. People are talking about how this could be our best year for a while. We have a ton of returning starters, good recruits, and an awesome fan base. Not to mention, we have the 5th longest home winning streak in the country is 20 home game wins in a row...impressive? I think so.

If your coming to visit Dayton during basketball season...try to get yourself in a seat at the arena. I can promise it will be worth your time.

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