The Rest of the New York Trip

I apologize for not being able to keep up with the remainder of my road trip day to day. Unfortunately I didnt have any internet service, but I will let you guys know what happened the rest of the time. Last Tuesday, my uncles sports bar puts on a golf tournament every year and Poppy and I played in it. It was a great time. We played in teams of four and played best ball so it went by pretty fast. We all had a great time, getting plenty of laughs at each others terrible shots from time to time. Considering I dont play golf, I didnt think I did too bad. I definitely had some good shots so I cant complain. After finishing 18 rounds of golf, a steak dinner was given, and well as the raffle drawing which I won two mugs and two t-shirts. I just seem to get really lucky in New York because earlier in the day I won $100 dollars off of scratch off lottery tickets. After a long yet fun day, I passed out into a nice deep sleep to where I woke up the next morning.

Our last day in Buffalo, we all just took it easy. We ordered in some pizza. Like I have said before, New York style pizza is simply the best. It was delicious, big surprise lol. The rest of the day was farely chill as we went to the sports bar one last time before we left. We enjoyed playing pool and darts with a few other people we had met there in the days prior.

Early the following morning we hopped into the corvette and started our drive back home. At first the plan was to stay somewhere in Tennessee for the night, but instead we decided to drive all the way through back home. It was a nice long ride of 16 1/2 hours but it was great being home. Although the trip was fun, it was time to get home. I hope I have the oppurtunity to go again next year. We will see what happens I suppose. Hope everybodys week is going well.

Be Safe and Make Good Choices