The Role of Friends

"Many know the main reason for going to college, wherever that may be, is to get a good education and to help you be successful in life in whatever field you decide to go in. But when looked at from a student's perspective, friends are a major role in how well you do in college. If you find yourself hanging out with a great group of friends, I believe as a student, you will do better in not only the educational aspect of college, but the social aspect.

There are those people, while in college, who do not participate in any extracurricular activities. Instead they are constantly in their room studying. I have nothing against that. If thats what they want to do, thats awesome, but in order to expericene the college life, you need to make new friends. For many, its a fresh new start, much like myself. I mean, I am from Georgia so I knew absolutely no one when I came up here. If it was not for meeting tons of new people, my attitude toward college would no be very optimistic.

But from the other end, there has to be a balance between education and social aspect of college. For me, it was a challenge to balance the two, as I was on my own for the first time in my life, and I had to make my own decisions. For me, I wanted to be a part of everything, whether it was hanging out with friends late at night, playing video games with people from my floor, or whatever. I soon found out that although all those things are great, you need friends to keep you in check.

Recently, I have not done so hot on two test in biology and chemistry. Two words, ""Not Good""! But because I have my friends support, I have optimism that next time I will do better. My thinking has changed since the beginning of the year. Instead of having a good time everynight, and my school work sufffering, I decided to work my butt off during the week, that way, I have the idea of hanging out with my friends over the weekend, to look forward to.

There is nothing better then getting out of lab on Friday afternoons, and knowing you are done for a few days. For me. it feels like getting out for summer vacation back in high school. The weekend is full of things to do with friends. There are football games, intramural sports, and at night, going to ""The Ghetto"" (upperclassmen housing) to enjoy a few parties. Its nice to relieve some of the stress that has come from the past weeks work.

For me, I'm thankful for having my friends there. Not just for moral support, but for social support. Without them, I doubt I would be as happy as I am at UD. For those who are considering going here, I strongly suggest it. People are so friendly, you are guarranteed to meet a plethora of new friends.

Well I am out. Enjoy the weekend. Soak up the moments with your friends. God Bless