The short week seems so long

It was great having Labor Day off. Not only did we have a 3-day weekend, but it also makes the rest of the school week a day shorter as well, meaning closer to the weekend. However, starting back on Tuesday from 9 am to 4:15 pm is not exactly the most enjoyable experience.

It's nice to be done with school for the day. Four classes will really take a lot out of you. Even though we are still within the first month of school, I feel so much is going on with life, school, and cheerleading its almost overwhelming. I think later tonight it would be a good idea to hit up the gym and burn some of the stress thats going on. Even though I don't feel like working out, I always feel better when I do.

Well its time to get my life together and finish up some homework so I can go to the gym. Hope everyone is having a good week thus far. The weekend is coming soon. Keep pushing through!

"Be safe and make good choices!" - a good friend