The Summer is Over, One Day until UD

Currently I am at the La Guardia airport in New York City waiting for my flight back home to Atlanta. For a short vacation, my dad, brother, sister, and myself came up to New York City to visit and see the sights. We had a blast, going around the streets and actually feeling the atmosphere that many see on tv. I would have to say my favorite part was going into Little Italy and smelling the Italian food cooking from every direction. It has been fun, but today is going to be a long day.

It is about ten oclock, and our plane does not leave for a few hours. When I get home, I go straight to my moms house to pick up what I have packed over there and say goodbye to her and her boyfriend Terry. I know my mom is sad to see me go, but I will tell her it will go by fast. Later, I will head back to my dads house where I will finish packing then go to church and possibly hit the gym up one more time. I will have to hit the sack pretty early as we will be hitting the road around 5 am. With a long day today and tomorrow it is hard to process all my feelings. I know I will be missing my family but the thought of seeing my friends has me hyped up. I would have to say I am really excited to see my girlfriend Kelly.

Like today, tomorrow should be a hectic day as well. An 8 hour drive followed by some unpacking, then practice at 5:30. But it will be all worth it.

This summer has flown by, by far the fastest summer I have ever had. Although I had fun, I have a lot to look forward to at UD. Starting my new major, new year for cheerleading, the social events, and meeting new people. Overall I know this year is going to be awesome and everyone i know feels the same exact way. Hope all is well with everyone.

Be safe and make good choices!!!