The Sun and Surf

People do not just call summer vacation because they thought it would be a good name for a long break. Many people go on trips all over the states and the world every summer. Well I am going to tell you about my short vacation to Destin, Florida. Every year for the past four summers, my mom, brother, sister, and myself have gone down to Florida with my moms friends for vacation. Each year, they bring their boat down, and we all rent a condo. A lot of our time is spent on the boat going to a place called Crab Island, where literally hundreds of boats anchor off into shallow water, and just hangout all day. Its a great place for people of all ages. The younger kids can snorkel and look for crabs and fish, teenagers can throw the football or Frisbee around, and meet other teens, and well the adults can sit back, relax, and sip on an adult beverage if they choose.

This year, we took a shorter trip than usual, because of the rising costs of everything. On Friday, we left around 3:30 am so we could get down and enjoy a full day. The ride down was not too bad. It only takes about six to seven hours from where I live in Georgia. When we got down there, we unpacked our belongings, and went out to Crab Island on the boat. It was beautiful out, and the sun was shining very bright. So bright, I ended up getting a very bad sunburn which is now peeling away my tan. It is just fantastic. But vacation is not only a time to get away from work or school, it is to spend time with family and friends. I was really excited because my grandfather got to come down for two days and hangout with us for a while. Unfortunately on our way back to the condo, one of the engines was not running at all, so the remainder of our vacation we did not go back on the boat. But that did not take away from out chance of having a good time.

Saturday I woke up around seven thirty and found myself in the mood to go for a run. After running three miles in the hot muggy air of Florida, I wanted to pass out. Thankfully, we had donuts to revive my energy for breakfast. Because we were docked, we went to the beach for a few hours instead. Try to picture this : hot white sands, water so clear you can see to the bottom, a blue sunny sky, boats fishing and pulling tubes out on the water, and people smiling having a good time. Going to the beach was one of my favorite things to do. Before eating dinner that night, we all dressed up in white clothes and took pictures on the beach, something traditional we always do with the family. It is fun, and well sometimes we are able to capture a good moment.

On the last day of vacation we went to the outlets to do some shopping, along with stopping at a few of the beach shops as well. I acquired a new necklace along with a new shirt and a cowboy hat. My brother went crazy and bought a lot of clothes at Hollister and my moms boyfriend Terry bought a new pair of Oakleys. If you ask me, I would say it was a pretty successful shopping outing. That night, we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Japanese steakhouse. The men coordinated the dress code as we all wore the same shirt and anything else that could make us look ridiculous. After enjoying a great meal, we concluded our vacation by riding go-karts at a local place in town. It was a blast racing against siblings and friends. Overall, the vacation was perfect. Although it went by too fast, it was a nice short break from the real world. But now its back to work, which is alright too. I definitely need the money. Hope everyones summer is going great. As always be safe and make good choices!