The Sweet Smell of a New Year

"As I step out of the car, I feel a light mist falling from the cloudy sky. I think, ""It would be nice if it were sunny...."" But at this point it doesn't matter.....I'm back. I'm back to finish my education, I'm back to see all my friends, I'm back to the greatest place on earth.

I can't technically move in today because it is freshmen move-in day so I am staying with one of my roommates temporary house just for the night. But as I said, all of this is irrelevant. Why you ask?

It's this feeling you get when you are on campus. Well, it even happens before you make it to campus. When I got of the exit, you can see the campus from the interstate and thats when you start to get excited, at least I do. Driving through the Ghetto (Student Neighborhood) I see all the upper classmen hanging on the porches, the front yards, and in the blow up pools enjoying themselves. For me, this is great to see. Who doesn't enjoy seeing people having and enjoying each others company?

I decided just to walk around campus for a bit and enjoyed seeing the new freshmen class with their parents. Even had the oppurtunity to help a few people out find different buildings on campus.

As I said though, the feeling of being back on campus is great. Seeing friends and meeting new ones is what the next few days are all about. After all, classes don't start til next week, so all I have to do is it move in tomorrow, unpack and relax.

Quote of the Day- ""in life you may find a piece of what you are looking for, the tough part is putting that piece down, and continuing to search until you find the whole thing""- Joey Hart"