The triathlon wore me out... but I want more

"Just a day after the triathlon, I went riding with a biking group from the gym. I woke up thinking "" am I really going to go out and ride again?"" Well I did. It was a beautiful morning and was cooler than the previous day so the 22 miles we rode didnt kill me. Although it is a much more laid back ride, I tried to push myself in order to increase my stamina and overall get stronger. The roads we took had plenty of hills for me to conquer. Some I conquered with ease, others it was a real battle to get up, but overall the ride went very well.

After the ride, most of the biking group went out for a late breakfast/early lunch at Cracker Barrell. Unfortunately I didnt have any clothes to change into so I had to go in my biking shorts and jersey. And let me tell you, that may have been the most staring I have ever gotten when going into a restaurant. As we walk in, I can feel the stares of the whole restaurant and looking, wondering who the heck we were and what we were wearing. Part of me just wanted to make an announcement and say, ""Excuse me, I just got done biking and I am coming here to eat. So you guys can stop staring now."" But I managed to keep my mouth shut and enjoyed a nice steak, potatoes, and vegetables which filled up my growling stomach.

After a great ride and a good meal, I came home where I took a three hour nap and went to church after. It was a great day. Though worn out from all the outdoor activites, I had a blast this weekend and can only hope the next weekend is as fun.

Be safe and make good choices"