The Unofficial Countdown

Whether you are thinking about coming to the University of Dayton or you are a current student, everybody has a countdown of the time to go back to school. Now, nobody kept a huge track of it back in high school, because lets face it, high school was fun, but we all did not mind being out for the summer. But in college, the countdown to go back is much more exciting. According to my countdown, 27 days separate me from being reunited with all of my friends back at school. Ever since I got out for summer vacation I could not wait to get back. Dont get me wrong, it was great seeing my family and friends back home, but I miss UD bad.

I think being so far away from pretty much everybody makes it that much harder. I mean, while majority of my friends live in Ohio or the surrounding states, I live almost ten hours south in Georgia. I believe my closest friend from UD lives in Alabama, but still, it is a little bit of a drive to get there. I think one of the funniest questions I get from people at school is how the heck did I get up there in Ohio of all places. After I explain that story, they start to ask me questions about home. I think my favorite question is What is it like down there? When I tell them, they seem so intrigued as if I was from another country. Simply, Georgia is a lot like Ohio, minus the snowfall during the winter. I find that in both states, it gets hot, people cannot drive, and there are two college teams I will never cheer for in any type of sport. No offense to anybody, but I cannot stand the Georgia Bulldogs or the Ohio State Buckeyes. My reasoning is for another blog, lets get back to the unofficial countdown.

I cannot wait to be back up there, it is as simple as that. My friends I have made have become my second family and it will be great to see everybody so we can hangout and catch up. At the end of the schoolyear everybody talks about how they will stay in touch and hangout so often. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep in touch with everybody. There is only so much time in a day, in between work, vacation, exercise, and other summer activities that one can give someone a call. Even with facebook, it is still hard to say hi to all of your friends. But, there are no hard feelings because everybody understands that people get busy. When I ask how someones summer is going, the answer is always the same. Summer is going good, but I am ready to be back is what I get every time. I have not talked to one person who was not excited to get back and see everybody.

Well, like I said, only 27 days left until my life begins again. Hope everybody is having a great summer. Be safe and make good choices!