"Who knew that 3 days of classes would wear me out? Needless to say, it's Friday and I can't be more excited. It is the first official weekend of the year where everybody is moved in and ready to live it up like there is no tomorrow.

My one class this morning was pretty easy. Just 50 minutes of listening to Nate (my professor) review some anatomy type stuff for my Kinesiology class.

I thought about going to get a quick workout in today, but I have practice at 3 pm so I think I'm just going to count that as my ""workout"" for the day. Not to mention right after practice we have the Red Out Rally to do.

The Red Out Rally is the kick off of Red Scare (the craziest student section of Flyer Fans...and just fans period). It's the chance for some of the athletes from the different sports teams to introduce themselves and get the students and faculty excited about the upcoming sports seasons. It also gives the students to buy the new Red Scare t-shirts, play cornhole, and get free pizza. Its not a bad deal, I mean you get to come hangout for a like an hour, meet some of the Flyer athletes and get free food.

Hopefully practice and the rally goes good. I'm just looking forward to having a relaxing weekend and hanging with the friends. With beautiful weather predicted for the weekend, this should be one to put down in the record books as one of the best weekends on campus.

Quote of the Day- ""The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do. ""

- James Barrie "