The Weekend is Long Overdue

"It's finally Friday, and well all I can say is ""It's about time""! Even with a short four day class week, the weekend seemed to be so far away. With everything that is going on with classes, working, and extra curricular activities, my days are packed, and it seems I barely have time to breathe for myself. At least class is done for the day. Today was not too bad class wise, but well, I got to go to work for three hours. While most people would complain about working on a Friday night, its not too bad, considering its only from 4:30-7:30.

Compared to the usual tumbling classes I teach, when I work on Friday, its strictly coaching the youth cheerleading squad. So it's nice to have a change of pace, and actually coach and help them perfect their routine. They don't have their first competition until early November, but so far, their routine looks pretty decent. There are definitely things that they have to work on, but for the most part, they seem to be working hard. At first, I wasn't sure how they would respond to me being one of their coaches. For all they knew, I may not know a thing about cheerleading. But after cheering for two years at UD and working on a third, I have picked up some things, and last week, after seeing me stunt with one of my friends Kelly, I believe they have more respect for me and my knowledge which is definitely a good thing. So, for tonight, I'm having positive thoughts in hoping that practice will run smoothly. But I got to get going. but hopefully everybody has a great weekend.

Be safe and make good choices!"