Three day weekend is almost here....

All throughout the week there has been much anticipation about the three day weekend we have here at the University of Dayton due to the lovely holiday of Labor Day. Though I am done with my Friday classes, my day still has not ended to the point where I can just relax.

If I have not mentioned before I am an assistant coach for a youth cheerleading squad, so on Fridays, I work from 4:30-7:30 with the team helping to run practice, and help improve on their skills. Sometimes the practices do not go as smoothly as planned, but I'm hoping tonight will go smoothly.

But as I was saying I am extremely excited for the weekend. I have a few friends coming down to stay the weekend. My friend Jake is from Akron, Ohio and my other friend Scott actually graduated from UD last year. So you may be wondering why are we excited? Well the answer is that we are having an 80's night at my house on Saturday night. The requirement: dress like the 80's generation and just have a great time. A group of us plans on going to the thrift store tomorrow so we can get our outfits for this event. I'm not going to lie, I am pumped for it. One reason, I love 80's music. Journey is my favorite band so it works out quite well. It will be pretty awesome to see what all people will end up wearing.

The rest of the weekend should be relaxing as well. The Montgomery County Fair is happening this weekend as well, so who knows, maybe we will see what the fair has to offer.

Anyways, I must get ready for work. Hope everything runs smoothly.

Hope all is well

Be safe and make good choices