Time to pack for our Roadtrip

After a long, stressful day yesterday, it felt good to catch up on some sleep last night and wake up this morning not having to worry about class. I know some people were jealous especially when they asked what time I had class today and my response was "my one class got canceled". Anyways, though I don't have class, I still have some stuff to do around the house today. Not only do my roommates and I need to clean the house, but I have to get my room in order as well as do some laundry so I have clothes to wear over break.

For break, a group of us are going up to Sandusky, Ohio, where my roommate Matt has a lakehouse next to Cedar Point. I have seen pictures of his house and the place looks ridiculously awesome. My friends Kaitlyn, Matt, Pat, Kristen, and Dani are going up for three nights to enjoy some time off campus. I am also excited because we are going to Cedar Point on Friday. I have never been, but I heard its a great theme park. I have also seen in on the travelers channel where it is always the top 5 theme parks in the United States. To add to the fun, it is Halloweekends so there will be haunted houses and corn mazes which will be entertaining as well.

On a different note, cheerleading has been going full force as we are in the middle of football season. We had our 6 am practice this morning. At 6 am, most of us don't feel like being up, let alone stunt or do anything productice. But its these practices that make us as a team better, even if some people are in a mood. We are working on a routine that we plan compete with in January in Indianapolis. So far, we have got a lot of work to do, but I think we all like a challenge so its something to work for.

I have also been thinking about being a senior in college frequently. Its hard to believe I am in my fourth year at UD. Though I'm only 21, I am starting to feel "old". My brother, Ben, is a senior in high school and is applying to colleges and my sister started sophomore year in high school. My mom is getting married in November to her boyfriend Terry of 3 years. I am very excited for both of them. My dad is busy as ever with his work back in Atlanta. I guess i have to say I miss when I was younger and everything seemed so simple. All I had to worry about was going to school, maybe do a little homework, hang out with friends, and not have a care in the world. But once you get to the near of your college career like I have, the reality of the real world starts to hit you. It has hit me hard, but I know in the end I will be fine. As for now, its time to finish up my things around the house.

Quote of the Day- "Do what you can with what you have where you are!"