Time Well Spent

Although its the day before the start of a new week of class, this Sunday is relaxing. My family just left to start the long nine to ten hour drive back home to Atlanta. I was sad to see them go, but I know in about a month I will get to see them again.

If I could describe the weekend in one word it would be scrumptious. I use this word whenever something was awesome, and that is exactly how I feel about this weekend. I had a blast hanging out with my family.

My family got to Dayton in the late afternoon on Friday. For dinner, we went over to Kellys house where we ate pizza and shared a couple stories before we went to campus. I showed them my room, they met my roommate, and then headed back to their hotel to rest up for Saturday.

Bright and early I woke up, dragging myself out of bed, getting ready for the Red-Blue Game. For the new cheerleaders on the team, this was the first time they were on the floor throwing stunts in front of a game type situation. From what I noticed, everything went very smoothly as we got to show off some of the stunts and skills we had learned in between watching a very promising mens and womens basketball team.

After the games, a group of us went to eat lunch at Milanos. If you have never been, I would highly suggest it if you are in the Dayton area. Lunch was good. Shortly after we went to the mall just to pass some time. That night a group of us students and our parents went out to enjoy the night life. We all ended up at Tims, a local joint where people can dance, and get a drink if they are of age. We had an awesome time and it was easily the favorite weekend of my sophomore year thus far.

Altogether, this weekend was time well spent with my family and friends. I cannot wait for another oppurtunity to arise where we all can get together. Hopefully it is sometime soon. But now it is back to reality. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Good luck with this week!