Triathlon equals Success

"I step into the shallow water on the banks of the lake at Indian Springs State Park.... looking around to see the other competitors. I stare off out onto the lake so see where I have to swim. I look up briefly at the sky to see a completely cloudless sky, the sun shining down. and I cant help but think how lucky I am to do such a sport. The anouncer comes onto the loud speakers announcing my group to get ready, set , and go. I dive into the warm water and begin my swim of 600 meters. Each buoy represented 100 meters, and as I rounded the second buoy, I thought to myself, just keeping doing it for her. keep going from my grandmother who is watching from above. Getting closer to finishing the swim, I put everything I got as I swam towards shore. As I get out of the water, the sound of cheers and my mom yelling ""Go Joey, Keep Going""... I run up to the transition area where I quickly throw on a shirt, dry off my feet, throw my biking shoes on, grab my bike, and begin what ended up being one of the hardest bike rides of my life.

Once out of the state park, I turn to see ahead, the beast itself, every persons fear in that triathlon ... a long hill that seemed to never end. I just looked down, and pedaled, as hard as I could. The sweat dripping of my face, the blazing sun punishing those who are in its line of sight, and just me and my bike pedaling to finish. People pass me as I start to get discouraged but I look up and say to myself, ""This is for you Grandmare!"" I grab my water bottle, take what was needed, and continued to push through the hilly 14 mile bike course. Getting near the end of the bike, I push as hard as I can up til where the transition area is located. Getting off the bike, I run with it up where my stuff lays. I quickly throw off my helmet, biking shoes, and shirt, and throw on my running shoes as I run to where the 5k run starts.

By now my legs are burning from the bike ride, but I have to keep going, after all this is for Grandmare. I run on the road trying to pass as many competitors as I can. I look up to see a water station and I grab a cup of water as I run by. The sun beating down on me, making me drip sweat with every step I take. The cramps in my side and my worn out legs add to the pain and agony of the the last part of the triathlon. Like the bike course, the run course was nothing but hills both ways.. making the experience that much more painful. As I get closer, I can hear the announcer, the people cheering, and the finish line. I start to run faster, but I can feel another competitor on my back. With less than 50 yards to go he passes me just for a second before I give all I can give to pass him right before the finish line. I cross the line feeling like Im going to puke as I walk around letting my stomach calm down. I have finished and I wait to cheer my brother and Terry across the finishline.

I guess I wanted to give you guys a blog that represented what was going through my head during the triathlon. I was very pleased with my time as I finish in 1 hr and 20 minutes. Overall it was great seeing my brother Ben and Terry finish as well. I cannot wait to do another one whenever that may be.

As always be safe and make good choices"