Tuesday....the day that gets longer and longer

"As I have said before, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my long days of class, going from 9 am to 4:15 pm. Though class today went by somewhat fast, it still took everything out of me. I was planning on going to the gym right after class, but once 4:15 came around, I went straight back to the house and relaxed for a while.

One of my roommates, Pat, has got me hooked on Call of Duty. Ever played it? I'm not usually a big video game fanatic, but I am a fan of war games, and this Call of Duty game has got me hooked. I think I played for two hours before realizing it was 7. I pulled myself away from the tv and dragged myself to the gym. I didn't really feel like working out, but once I finished I felt much better so it was definitely worth the trip. It also helps that the Rec is only 50 yards away from my house as well.

My first day of catering yesterday went pretty well. Worked just under 3 hours. Got a tour of all the floors I could be working on including the freezers, different storage areas, etc. I ended the day by making some buckeyes. They looked good, but I witheld myself from eating them.

Tonight I plan on going to Tim's. I don't normaly go out during the week, but its my friend Kristen's 21st birthday so I want to go hang out with her for a little while before calling it a night. Well, its time to grab some dinner. One day closer to the weekend.

Quote of the Day- ""Be yourself"" - Anonymous"