Waiting for Business to BOOM.......

As I have mentioned previously, I have started my own pressure washing business. A few days ago, I got about 300 flyers printed up, and have started posting them up on mailboxes in different neighborhoods. I guess now all I can do is wait. I really am dying just for somebody to call, and even ask for an estimate. I am pretty bored with summer at this point. Its hard to go from being busy all the time to not doing a whole lot at all. I did pressure wash my dads house, to get a little practice in as well as making a few bucks. I have all of the tools and supplies in order to do the job, its just the calls Im waiting for.

So as I have been waiting, it has given me plenty of time to hit up the gym and hang out with a few people, but many of my friends are still in school, so usually its limited to the weekends. I do have the weekend to look forward to as I am going camping with my family. I am not talking a trailer or rv, we are talking roughing it in the wilderness in tents. It has been a while since I have gone camping with the family so I am pretty excited about it, just me, the family, and our new little puppy.

Well, hopefully something happens soon.... I AM BORED. If something exciting happens, you guys will be the first to know.

Have a great rest of the week, and a sweet weekend. Hopefully I can survive the wilderness.

Be Safe and Make Good Choices